Sunday, December 25, 2011

Santa's Sack (A Big Load Of Holiday Cheer In Your Face)

               So I've seen alot of episodes, movies, stories, pictures of a certain holiday you may recognize, that being Christmas. There has been one particular ad/bump that has made me sad about Christmas and I never saw it coming. The Adult Swim team has successfully broken my spirit in a small way. It involved a talking hand puppet  Christmas  Tree, casually discussing his demise over the next few weeks.
               Not only did I find out about 40% of the trees making it into homes, this ended up sparking a memory of a tale of when the trees were finally pushed too far. So it is with that I present you with a soon to be Holiday Classic, guaranteed, for our generation and more to come soon after which we bring into the world.
               But one other bump they did also broke through in which an older gent. took a moment staring into his soul as the thinker does, donned his glasses, grabbed his phone, and began to dial. True meaning of the holiday? Always stay in touch with the ones you care about, even at this time, my best friend is calling me sending wishes, oddly timed enough as it is. We are not all friends, we are not all family, but we are still all people, still humans, we still mean someone or something to somewhere. 
                I know what I would wish for on Christmas, but this is not something I personally wish to blog about, the holidays are made for each other, so we keep it that way. Have a day to smile about. Now enjoy the film I had earlier mentioned, it is NSFW, blood, violence, I BELIEVE a touch of bad language, but seriously, It's a good'n. That and check out SANTA'S SLAY today, you will be laughing so hard you will throw up your dinner. My apologies for the lack of embedding, 
                I just started this blog yesterday, need to brush up my HTML, but I promise I'll work on it, after Christmas, maybe it will even be my New Year's Resolution.


You don't know what the fuck you are getting into.

Please enjoy this lovely short film on your friend on Christmas, and to all a good night.


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