Saturday, December 24, 2011

One Blog To Rule Them All (Come at me Bro Jackson)

Now I give this my attempt on the other side of the virtual spectrum instead of the random videos I also will begin documenting my antics this way as well, hopefully getting things seen/read/heard/etc through even more networking than before. It's Christmas Eve, yet somehow I do not really care or feel excited about it. I did no shopping and expect nothing from anyone either. The only thing I would want is a job that I actually love rather than just rue and lament. Out of a few jobs I think some of my favorites are still in Guitar making from scratch, official critic/review staff of youtube or google, computer technician (not the $10/hr techs, but the $64/hr techs), video game testing/debugging (yes I still like the idea of this job just as I always said I would, so there), Bartender, musician. Ideally this would happen at the start of the new year so this piece of crap year can just go away and be buried and forgotten, but that will just have to wait & see. I think this is going to do it for now, I'm going to go look around for little kids with hopes of BB guns and go rob their houses... Wait, I already have several airsoft guns, screw those dumb kids, stay off my lawn or I'll pop you with one, punks. (shakes fist until it slows to non movement & slowly doze off). More to come probably every day, I've gotta do SOMETHING productive for once, right? 
~My web based visual shenanigans.

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