Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Uncensorship (I Give SOPA the middle finger)


            So being that this is a public domain NOT controlled by a giant conglomerate or anything (Google, AdSense) I have the amendment on my side in which I choose to flex my internet muscles a bit with my freedom of speech.

That's correct. Not a single fuck given.
                    Now some people say the internet isn't a very effective way of getting your individual voice heard, which I suppose is true in its own way because in a world of millions of digital voices, ours can get lost in the crowd very quickly and even if we do get a spotlight its not very likely that we will stay there long as internet fame has a very short shelf life before the next bit of insanity gets ejaculated into our eyes and ears. Notice how many fucks I just gave during the time I created pretty much a run-on sentence? But in the same light realize that it's not a HUGE deal but I have people in different COUNTRIES who just see my input and can share it as well as they see fit. AKA I am ALREADY heard around the world even if it is just a few paragraphs of insanity saturated aggression at a time. When was the last time your thoughts were being read by someone in Italy, Canada, US and UK all in one day? That's what I thought.

                   One of my biggest internet woes though is my lack of ability to pay for my asian prostitute prob.. er.. business expenses because I have not been funded yet by the millions of internet dollars out there. Trust me it's there as well, but being YouTube & Google had it out for me at one point due to a simple mistake I have been banned from using their AdSense and lost about $40 in real money thanks to my friends who follow me & new viewers/subscribers/followers every day. What is it they are trying to keep me from? Oh maybe they just need to ensure they have enough in their pockets so their grandkids families don't have to work at all because when it comes down to it; Would you even bother going to school if you were a multi-millionaire? Didn't think so.

It's ok to be a thief if you are cute enough.

                   SOPA has nothing to do with my personal conquest though, they are trying to keep people like you and myself, who are ultimately the nobodies, from sharing with each other without even the THOUGHT of making money off of each other. Now how fucked up is that? SOPA in case you were not aware of is the "Stop Online Piracy Act". In simple terms, they want to shut down all the free and open source programs which helps keep the internet being awesome. Why is this bad? Don't be stupid, you know damn right that copy of Nickelback you took from your girlfriends little brother should NOT be retailed at a price like $15.99, give or take a few bucks. Now a few of you are going "aww don't pick on Nickelback, they are just trying to make it too." Yea well F off Nickelback you all suck and don't deserve a record contract. The other arguement is you are STEALING from the artists, which for the most part is also completely false. Music was always free as I've seen it, you are paying for the packaging and greed. Now I myself dream one day to just make my living strumming away on my guitar and creating music, but I don't need to be a millionaire; Hell I'll take being a thousandaire.

               Point being almost EVERY band who has made it big makes their shitload of money from TOURING, not from CD sales, because that's when they sell  you a $40 t-shirt that fades after 3 washes but you are happy as fuck to pay for it during the time being so you can remember the show.

Elvis Costello Laughs At Piracy Warning  "Not even a 14yr old would be scared of that"

Joss Stone: Piracy Is Great A musician who realizes Music is free, it's the business that's fucked up.

Bender's "Anti-Piracy" Ad   Matt G. gets in on the giggles.
As I said I'm not trying to stir the pot with musicians, but moreso the marketing company and post production teams, NOT THE ACTUAL WORKERS, but the fat cats who are already lined to the brim in their pockets with blow and aids vaccinations meanwhile we the real people lose our jobs, homes, cars, etc. all to the conglomerates of this fucking country while we starve; So we share among ourselves quietly from Peer2Peer networks, such as my personal choice when it comes to sharing, uTorrent. There are also a number of sites like TORRENTZ.EU and the never dying  

thepiratebay.org who is RIGHT NOW posting THIS EXACT PHOTO for their home page.
This kind of looks like I'm not alone in this arguement anymore.
 I have another method as well for my primary download function, but it's a well kept secret somewhere at the end of the internet.

             Now I limit myself to software. Development teams and companies have a multitude of people to a small group of programmers, depending upon situation, for their individual software and I feel they truly do deserve something for their time and effort, but in all fairness, why the fuck should I pay $750 for a console and then have to spend on average $40-$80 PER game and THEN have to pay for the online service provider (X-box Live, I'm looking at you) and other games which make you pay month to month at another cost of $10-$20/month. They fine a college kid $375,000 for sharing 30 songs but they let a murderer walk free if he has a good enough lawyer and enough fame. What the fuck is going on here?

              Now I know I'm not covering all bases. I've left out the $40M/movie stars and $250K/episode stars, but that's because I don't have to and a bunch of you trollolers out there will bitch and complain some way and try and tell me I'm a moron and a thief, but you know what? A beautiful thing about the internet is the ability to just NOT READ IT THEN. Worst case scenario you actually DO get into an internet based debate or fight, what's the worst thing you are going to do, CAPS LOCK ME TO DEATH?? 

              I guess all I am really getting at is the only people who give much of a shit about this, are the money hungry grubs that don't have enough. Did you know that Simon douchebag makes over $167,000,000 a year. A FUCKING YEAR. ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY SEVEN FUCKING MILLION AMERICAN DOLLARS by his annoying ability to insult people and seem like hes so fan-fucking-tastic. I've never even heard of that douchebag before that crappy Idol show, and I don't care if you have either, hes a NOBODY. Then the mobs come and say, if he's such a nobody then why is he so rich? Because he knew another fucking nobody that gave him a break and now you people keep feeding him more and more by watching that trash. Only good thing I've EVER seen with that bag of vinegar douche involved with is when an  

ACCIDENT happened.


Personally I will probably never being rich and/or famous and I'm ok with that.

I play my music I wrote without censorship and I play with pure passion. 

I play my games with my other broke ass friends that I share the pirated games and apps with and we all have fun.

I watch my movies on Netflix or ones I download because I'm not going to be fed the crap you try and put in front of me on tv, but there ARE good shows on if you can find them.(Fuck Yea Forensic Files, Go Die Jersey Shore. I am also from Ocean County NJ, we are not like those people. None of them even live here.)

I have the freedom to post WHATEVER I want on here, within reason. (I only say within reason because Child Pornography is illegal in the country, and I agree 100% because that's just wrong, rage on Pedobears and people who's name rhymes with Bitch Comer and Kelly Barsley)
This is not a child.

And neither is this..

I choose not to seed my torrents (because that is my right) and SOPA can never take my rights.

I'm not telling you to agree with me.
I'm not telling you to share this with your friends or family.
I'm not telling you that it's all going to be alright.
I'm not telling you the lies the rest of them do.

I am telling you to think for yourself.
I am telling you to take a stand for your own beliefs.
I am telling you that no matter what they lose, they can't take what you are.
I am telling you to not let them dull your senses and dilute your mind.
 I am telling you it's better to be hated for who you are, than loved for what you are not.
     (I stole that last one from a dead guy, Kurt Cobain, maybe you've heard of him)



  1. Excellent post duder.
    Just so you are up to date on current events SOPA was shelved yesterday by Congress and PIPA is not to far behind with Obama saying he will veto it if it makes it to his level.
    On the whole piracy thing. I consider myself a collector of sorts, when a band I like puts out an album I choose to purchase it on CD instead of a digital copy mainly because I like the pretty pictures and I can make HQ audio files in any format I want as many times as I want, but that's just me. But when I choose which bands to buy 90% of the time I have listened to the band or album before picking up the release(the other 10% is based on a cool record cover). How do I hear these new releases, well, the internet and downloading. If it weren't for the internet allowing me to connect with other people and share our thoughts on music 75% of the music I bought the past year would have went unsold and I'm pretty sure I convinced quite a few people to buy some records utilizing the internet, linking videos from youtube, songs from soundcloud, album streams from somewhere, and so on. I could go on all day on this subject but I'll sum it up as this, Big record companies are loosing money not because of downloading, but because they are selling crap. The internet allows people to preview this crap before they purchase and realize it's crap.
    There's an album I absolutely loved that came out in 2011 by a band called Cormorant. How did this unknown and unsigned band somehow become one of the biggest and most talked about metal bands of the year, by utilizing P2P, Bandcamp streams, and just giving their music away, and when it came time for the new release, Dwellings, the band made mad bank because people knew it was good music and bought it. Music rant over, for now.
    Onto games and movies, If I know a game is good (ie. not some shitty 'modern warfare' shooter) chances are I'll buy it when the price drops to something reasonable. Same goes for movies (replace 'modern warfare' with Michael Bay).
    Movie studios and game publishers can make a lot more money if they just stopped being greedy and drastically lowered their prices.
    All this downloading and p2p stuff is just the ramifications of greedy white collar execs. And they know why, fuckin pricks. End rant #2.

  2. And shameless self promotion, if anyone who reads this digs all kinds of heavy metal (Death, black, folk, nwbhm, hardcore, prog, etc.) check out my site and come talk about some music with us.


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