Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ahoy There Old Video Game Junkie! (I'm Your New Best Friend)

Hey anyone like old video games? for like, free? What about if it was all the old DosBox games available? No config needed. Some guy named D-Fend (I'm still skeptical if that is his real name btw) has created a Utopia for the 80's and 90's kids like us. So let's take this one step at a time because you are slow in the head.

                          Click ME ASSBUTT!!< See that?

 Nostalgia FTW. Download it assclown.

You extract it to where you want games installed in its own directory.

Open it then stupid. Hit the (+) add button.

Click download packages. Still with me moron? Good for you. 

Now scroll through the games and check the box of the one you want. 
Holy fucking asscrackers? Do you see what I see? FUCK YEA YOU DO!

Hit download & Install. I know that was tough jellybuns but you are almost there because this next part is really tough. 

Wait and do nothing as it downloads... Wow. Now when you are done stupid all you have to do is simply wait for the download screen to close. Because, MOTHA FUCKIN MAGIC HAPPENS! All you need to do is close your download window and there is something on the main screen you wont FUCKIN BELIEVE!

Now take your nubby little fingers around your mouse and move the cursor over the "RUN" button. I know, take your time.

I don't crop things.
Because you shouldn't need this in the first place, Stupid.

Congratulations genius, you're an idiot. Now get out of my face and don't say I never did anything for you.



  1. Do you realize what you have done!!!!!!!
    Commander Keen, Crystal Caves, the 2d Duke Nukems, Kings Quest, Loom!!! Looks like Skyrim will be taking a break.


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