Monday, February 4, 2013

Not-So-Super-Bowl 2013

This particular rant is brought to you by the Superbowl 2013. I do not normally personalize these situations but I feel this is going to be my one big one so might as well do it right, right?

Oddly enough I am not entirely disappointed today. Somehow it feels to me IMHO (biased, maybe) that the 49ers did not even lose yesterday. They clearly played better, got more beat calls on them, and the entire thing with Ray Lewis overshadowed the clear fact that:
1) This is now the FIRST time that the 49'ers have gone to the super bowl and lost 5-1
2)Did not tie for most rings ever with Steelers
3)A rookie would have won in the Superbowl (Also never accomplished, not arguing with you about this either Pz0)


A guy retiring who albeit is (Whoops, WAS) a good player, was SUPER HYPED into this
more than the great white hype.

I suppose another reason is the murder jokes have been flowing like wine and still funny,
 is easily just brushed under the carpet as this is not the first time a football star
has gotten away with murder.

In so many words.

Did we forget also that someone who is better than Ray Lewis also was retiring this year? Whoops..

But we don't see much of this guy, no big deal though, but God help me if I don't talk positive about Ray Lewis instead of 88 Gonzo.

I stand here shaking my head and grunting in the ways of Lewis Black in my utter level of confusion and discrediting of this Not-So-Super-Bowl (Sue THAT, NFL) yet still feel nothing but pure pride of my team. They are easily seen as the winners, arguing with me about this is something although inevitable by many, will happen. My only issue is I cannot force you to be right, that is what I will apologize for. Due to clear replays, the 49ers got so many soft calls on them with multiple announcements from our favorite and funniest of officials.
Thooper Bohl

 There was I believe 1 penalty called on the Ravens when there were several more infractions saved for our super slo-mo pleasures and I don't need to argue with anyone. It's now a digitally documented fact of life.

Apologies in advance but this is the personal bit I felt at least I had to share as it makes me feel better and laugh.

So Frankie and dave dave were actually rooting for the Ravens last night
 (If you know them, you know them, if not, we are not good enough friends yet for you to know who I'm talking about is all)
I turned off the game after the first commercial break when the locker room party started. No one really had an objection to this out of the 13 or so people I had around for the viewing party. Everyone understood my frustration and I did not hear any shit talking, and still have not since while speaking of it of this bummer of a loss.
Except Frankie.
He got butthurt because I told him I'm not watching these losers party and if he doesn't like it he can leave and take his Stanky leg RG3 back to GoodBurger with him.

he left

sorry frankie.

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